The posture


A commonplace let us think often that a directional armchair has to be big. Not so, because whatever the operational role is, human being must sit there, so the size should be content an consistent with the ergonomics. Arms very wide, seats too deep, cushions where you can sink in it, do not allow a comfortable posture.

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1) Frequent change of seating position. Avoid sitting static, dynamic sitting prefer.


2) The plane of the seat should be used to support the total weight, so that the backrest can offer the right support. Then the seat must be filled completely.


3) The backrest height should be sufficient to support the lumbar region.

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4) The forearm should rest on the work surface creating an angle of 115° with the arm.


5) The height of the seat is adjusted correctly when the angle formed by the knees with the seat is 90°. Then the seat should not be set too high.

6) People of low stature should use a footrest.

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