Gallery/Portfolio armchairs

Our photo gallery includes a number of achievements made by our customers. Each chair is unique and customized in accessories, in fabric and in wood for each customer. All our armchairs have a number, which corresponds to a production receipt with the armchair production characteristics. Each chair production receipt is also equipped with a photo of the "building site". In the photo gallery below, you can see our portfolio of works.

(Click on the categories below to see our achievements)

Glamour (for women)
High back armchairs (for working tables)
High back armchairs for working / meeting tables
Waiting and guests armchairs / meeting tables
Operative armchairs
Waiting room sofas
Jacket hanger / bag hooks
Murostop (wall / armchair protection)
Predella (footrest)
Armchairs Artist
Antiqua: armchairs for desks with central drawer